SAP ActiveEmbedded

A Competitive Advantage through an Increased Speed of Innovation Consumption.

SAP ActiveEmbedded provides a unique combination of onsite services delivered by embedded support and engineering professionals with unparalleled experience.

Embedded Support

Our embedded support engineers work with you to identify focus areas and collaborate on projects. Full transparency is provided through a balanced scorecard and jointly agreed upon KPI’s. In addition, our engineers will manage quality for selected projects and your overall SAP support experience.

Engineering Services

SAP engineering services provide expert-delivered services built upon a fact based and proven methodology. The result is lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and SAP solutions that are technically able to meet your business requirements.

Product Engineer on Demand

Get direct access to a senior SAP product engineer as a coach and advisor for addressing and overcoming technical
challenges for selected SAP software components in your SAP software landscape.

Expertise On-Demand

Expertise on-demand provides support to our embedded support team through functional and technical expertise.
SAP experts will also monitor top issues via the SAP mission control center.

Control Center Approach

Set up across three control center forms make use of a control center approach for ensuring smooth implementations and
operations, as well as helping to open the door for consuming new innovations.

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On how to take advantage of a personal coach and advisor for specific SAP software component needs

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We embed seasoned experts from SAP Active Global Support into your Customer Center of Excellence (Customer COE) who will engage from the executive level to IT.
Maximize the value of your investments by accelerating knowledge and skills transfer, helping you to implement solutions that are manageable, supportable, scalable and optimized. As you build your solution, you have access to SAP experts with a depth of knowledge who will guide you on how to implement quickly without disrupting daily business while ensuring top performance of your solution from the beginning.

Support Spotlights


In the hypercompetitive world of auto and motorcycle racing, innovation is the key to staying on top. As a company, Pirelli has always taken this lesson to heart, even when it comes to managing business operations. This is why Pirelli has worked with SAP for more than 20 years to streamline core business processes and make innovation happen at the place it matters most – where the rubber meets the road.

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Russian Railways

Russian Railways (RZD) is the largest transportation service provider in Russia. To help ensure its customers arrive on time, the company is leveraging SAP ActiveEmbedded services to support and maintain its SAP HANA database. Now analytical reporting is five times faster than before, enabling quicker, more informed decision making.