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SAP Digital Business Services had an even greater presence at this year’s SAPPHIRE NOW. We had the chance to show you the best path along your digital transformation.

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Follow the Digital Journey of Tesoro and CenterPoint Energy with SAP


Lead the digital transformation for your industry in this hybrid world. Gain insight into how both Tesoro and CenterPoint Energy have navigated their digital journeys with SAP Digital Business Services. Enhance value realization with SAP S/4HANA, and conquer Big Data challenges with the SAP HANA platform and the SAP HANA Vora engine.

Videos from the SAP Digital Business Services Campus


At SAPPHIRE NOW the SAP Digital Business Services Campus showed you how to start your journey to become a digital enterprise and in leveraging the latest SAP product and technology innovations.


Jump-start the innovation process, accelerate time-to-value and simplify.

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with SAP Digital Business Services.

Embark your journey towards becoming a digital enterprise. Find out what it requires to be ready for digitization. Listen to digital use cases, be a part of the Digital Design Zone to discover and unlock your innovation potential and as a starting point to reimagine everything.

Innovation road maps will help you move from vision to reality and take advantage of the digital business framework of SAP. Next, move on to the next area for building the digital enterprise in an accelerated mode.

with SAP Digital Business Services

The digital age is about speed. Once the innovation road map is set, it is about its execution. Boost time to value through our pre-packaged offerings, SAP Value Assurance and SAP Model Company. Discover how the innovation road map is implemented using an industrialized infrastructure to provide industry-, business- and IT-expertise, best practices, methodologies and tools at anytime from anywhere.

Take advantage of services for analytics to provide in-the-moment insights. Learn more about Internet of Things and Machine Learning and how we help you co-engineer the solutions of the future.

with SAP Digital Business Services

Let us demonstrate how we help you in the operations of hybrid landscapes to reduce complexity through optimization, standardization and automation to enable a shifting of resources for embracing innovation consumption to achieve increased value realization.

Discover how the industrialized infrastructure gives access to industry-, business- and IT-expertise, best practices, methodologies and tools for supporting you during operations. Find out how to protect the technology investment through harmonized user enablement with next generation support.


with SAP Digital Business Services

SAP Digital helps you bridge the gap between a digital vision and tangible results while SAP Digital Commerce builds SAP’s digital commerce infrastructure for making digital-native offerings available via SAPstore.

SAP Digital Interconnect merges a business’s digital properties with their customers’ digital tools. And the SAP Center for Digital Leadership helps CxOs transform their organizations during times of exponential change.

Want to learn more about these four areas? Click here to see the expert tables that have been available on our campus

PLAN the Digital Enterprise

SAP Digital Innovation Lab

Develop solutions rapidly to drive digital innovation. Take the first steps into innovation and discover its potential through a virtual lab environment with the SAP Digital Innovation Lab.

Digital Roadmap Planning

Define your road map to the digital enterprise. Set priorities and take steps that meet your business and IT requirements. Identify the value of transformation and proof it in a prototype. Design the ideal technical architecture and create an efficient transition plan with steps for preparation, functional design, and efficient implementation.

Digital Design Zone

Frame and solve business and IT challenges by using design thinking principles as an approach for generating digital use cases. Join an unconventional and creative atmosphere to start your journey towards digital transformation.

Digital Strategy Advisory

Achieve your vision with clear digital strategies and business models for Live Business. Obtain insights on the current state and future ambition in all dimensions of digital innovation and transformation. Discover the next steps to help close identified gaps and enable your digital transformation journey, from strategy to execution.

BUILD the Digital Enterprise

SAP Value Assurance for SAP S/4HANA

Shorten time-to-value while reducing complexity. Kick-start your transformation with SAP Value Assurance service packages for SAP S/4HANA and the SAP Model Company service, tailored to your requirements to help ensure success. Deploy SAP S/4HANA and accelerate functional setup in an agile approach with ready-to-use business process template

SAP Model Company

Adopt the latest innovations and achieve simplification for your digital transformation. Utilize the SAP Model Company accelerator service and SAP Value Assurance service packages, for reference architectures specialized by industry or line of business, to tune solutions to your specific needs.

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

Empower your organization to address your business priorities and operating needs and unlock the full value of digital business. Support your company’s digital future with minimal risk with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Innovation with Tailored Solutions

Develop one-of-a-kind solutions that let you thrive in the digital economy and disrupt your industry. Access custom application development to realize real business value, including IoT-based solutions on SAP Cloud Platform, unique applications for SAP S/4HANA and SAP Hybris solutions, and differentiating scenarios for SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Accelerated Innovation Adoption

Reduce implementation time and innovate faster by staying close to standard. Simplify your landscape and minimize modifications with SAP Innovation Control Center. Jump-start business process design with SAP Best Practices packages and the SAP Model Company service, and let SAP protect your journey to SAP S/4HANA and digital transformation.

Succeed with Real-Time Transparency

Understand, adapt, and predict business performance with digital business solutions. Gain transparency in real time to align decisions across all business areas based on one source of truth. Use analytics as a strategic asset for your customers to drive innovation and profitability.

Internet of Things, Machine Learning

Discover the revolutionary new machine learning intelligence for new levels of automation and ways of doing business, and explore the building blocks of a digital enterprise. Use IoT solutions to collect and make sense of relevant devices; improve digital operations management; and digitize your business, manufacturing, and logistics processes.

RUN the Digital Enterprise

SAP Solution Manager 7.2

Maximize the value of your support engagement. See how SAP Solution Manager, designed for implementing SAP S/4HANA, delivers the best value and support to accelerate digital transformation. Discover content and tools from SAP Solution Manager, best practices from the SAP Activate innovation adoption framework, and more to transition to SAP S/4HANA.

Optimize Operations for Hybrid Landscapes

Achieve efficient and optimal operations with best practices. Explore guidance for hybrid solution operations with the setup of an SAP Operations Control Center. Discover the benefits of SAP Solution Manager to run and optimize your IT solutions.

Achieve business value faster in the Cloud with SAP

Come listen to how we’ve helped companies achieve business value faster in the cloud. We will prescribe the right engagement based on your specific objectives and bring you our experience from helping thousands of customers across industries. Create an exceptional user experience and innovate for transformation with the right customer success plan.

SAP Mission Control Center

Turn systems of record into systems of differentiation and innovation. Experience how SAP Mission Control Center continuously supports you during your implementations. Support hybrid landscapes with SAP Operations Control Center, SAP Innovation Control Center, and SAP Solution Manager.

Profit from the Next Generation of Support

Experience what next-generation support looks like. Gain real-time interaction, direct access to experts from SAP, and support information that is available anytime, anywhere, and from any device. View hands-on demos of live support channels, built-in support, and get quick answers to your questions.

Success with SAP ONE Support

Realize benefits from a harmonized support experience and quickly adapt to changing business requirements in your hybrid and on-premise environment. Drive better business outcomes with SAP ONE Support.

GO Digital
Right Now

SAP Digital Commerce as a Service

Imagine a world in which customers can buy and use business software as easily as they buy and use their own personal software. Hear how experts from the SAP Digital Commerce group can help you combine go-to-market services with robust technology to make this possible. Learn how to partner with the team to build your digital business.

SAP Store

Deliver on consumer expectations to shop now, buy now, and use now. See how SAP Store makes it simple for anyone to buy and use SAP and partner offerings, enabling fast decision making and quick time to productivity. Discover the ease of purchasing digitally native products from with a mouse click.

SAP Digital Interconnect and Customer Engagement

Improve engagement with today’s digital consumers who expect to have instant, bidirectional communication anywhere in the world. Learn how the comprehensive portfolio of highly-scalable and secure digital interconnect services from SAP can help you reach nearly every consumer on the planet through SMS, MMS, and e-mail.

SAP Digital Interconnect IoT & Consumer Connect

Create true digital experiences connecting apps, users, and devices. Learn about programmable cloud services with built-in security and insights for online consumer engagement and IoT. Extend SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Hybris and SAP SuccessFactors solutions with mobile connectivity provided by SAP Digital Interconnect.

SAP Center for Digital Leadership

Turn visions into reality and unlock the door to exponential business growth through digital transformation. Put digital innovation at the top of your top executives’ to-do list. Learn how you can turn disruption into a catalyst for tangible results.

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